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SDG prize

The Inspiration Prize 2020

The Inspiration Prize is presented to a group of staff and/or students who have devoted themselves to working with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A group consisting of two Bachelors of Engineering and a student at Sports and Health will receive the Inspiration Prize 2020 for their idea of a sustainable sanitary towel made from plant fibres. The group, which has founded the startup Mewalii, consists of:

  • Frederikke Dahl – recently graduated Bachelor of Engineering in Integrated Design
  • Emilie Søby Eriksen – recently graduated Bachelor of Engineering in Integrated Design
  • Simone Westergaard – student at Sports and Health

The sanitary towel is just as absorbent as existing sanitary towels, which are typically made from plastic or cotton, and can be made with much less water consumption.

The project therefore supports several Sustainable Development Goals, as it solves health and well-being challenges for women; rethinks climate solutions in otherwise fully integrated parts of our everyday lives and at the same time shows how different professional competences meet and support each other to make a project come true.

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