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Steen Rasmussen

Professor in physics and Center Director
The FLinT Center

Phone: +4565502507

Steen Rasmussen, Professor in physics, SDU

Steen Rasmussen, professor in physics and center director, works on how to create minimal life from nonliving materials as well as on how new technologies change what it means to be human. He worked for 20 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory USA, he founded the FLinT center at SDU in 2008 and the Initiative for Science, Society and Policy in Denmark, 2009. He co-founded the European Center for Living Technology in Venice, Italy, 2004, and he has been part of the Santa Fe Institute, USA, for 30 years. He has consulted on science and technology issues for the European Commission, the Danish Parliament, the German Bundestag, the US Congress, as well as private companies. His work at the SDU SDG Collaboratorium is a natural continuation of his interdisciplinary activities to pursue the SDG goals.


Steen Rasmussen