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The first Climate Ambassadors have been trained

On Thursday, 18 August 2022, at 8:30 a.m., 28 of SDU’s employees met in room U95 for breakfast.  Just 30 minutes later, the official programme for the employee course 'The Climate Ambassadors' started.

This is a task that is extremely important for SDU.

Jens Ringsmose, Rector of SDU

The network across SDU

- The network is one of the most important things, said the majority of the Climate Ambassadors, during the training days, when asked what they would mainly take away from the training. A network that will be cultivated after the end of the course, as collaboration, knowledge sharing and dialogue are important if climate-friendly initiatives are to be incorporated and behaviour is to be changed so that the ambition of reducing SDU’s climate footprint can be fulfilled.

- You get a large network by participating in the course, and I think it makes good sense that we can utilise each other’s resources and the knowledge we each have. I think it’s really nice that you can get a network you can use and collaborate with, so that together, we can help create the change that is needed, said Malene Skovbakke, Project Manager, Technical Services.

During the breaks between sessions, there was no doubt that a network among the participants had already been created, where ideas and knowledge were shared. Room U95 was buzzing, and the climate ambassadors’ drive and commitment were obvious.


The role of climate ambassadors

Throughout the course, the Climate Ambassadors have been given the tools to lead the way in climate work and in the green transition at SDU, among other things by means of presentations from Gerd May and Simon Elsborg Nygaard. In addition, they have gained in-depth knowledge of SDU’s 2030 Climate Plan and insight into ongoing projects on the green transition across the University and in selected departments.

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With 28 different people, from different departments and campuses and with different roles, there are many different ways of being a climate ambassador. A small selection of the climate ambassadors’ plans shows that they will initiate and drive climate initiatives locally as well as communicate climate stories and lead the way going forward.

SDU’s website about its climate ambassadors will be updated on an ongoing basis with information about their work.


Meet four of the new Climate Ambassadors

Last Updated 20.09.2022