At SDU we want to teach the young people of tomorrow to create value, not just for Denmark, but for the global community. That is why we, in the time to come, will launch five initiatives designed to give them an overall focus on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You can read about each initiative here.

  • Education

    Educational activities within the sustainable development goals

    SDU focuses on working extensively with several educational initiatives concerning the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout the university. The faculties are working to develop courses and modules that affect all the UN SDGs, also across the faculties. Work is also underway to develop new master’s degree- and graduate degree programmes related to the UN SDGs. The purpose is to give students special skills for understanding, applying and critically addressing each particular goal. The students must also gain insight into the many linkages between the different individual global goals and acquire an awareness that it takes an integrated, balanced effort to achieve effective, lasting results.

  • SDG Youth Meeting

    Youth Meeting for “Our Global Goals”

    From 2020 onwards, SDU will host a special “Our Global Goals” youth meeting, held in Odense, Denmark. This meeting will target students in secondary schools and sixth-form colleges, as well as students in higher education. The meeting will serve to place the 17 UN global goals on these young people’s agendas. The initiative aims to make sure young people get the opportunity to debate, listen to talks and take part in panel discussions, get to know each other and thereby gain access to solid, research-based knowledge about the UN global goals.

  • Philosophical studies

    SDG-based modern philosophy

    SDU will provide all students attending the university’s study programmes with a study-start course about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. This will be a kind of “modern philosophy” course in which SDU students are presented with the world’s major challenges and focus on solutions for dealing with them. The course is for all newly started students in undergraduate programmes, and means that students in different fields already collaborate on a common theme of sustainability right from their first day at SDU.

  • Inspiration Prize

    Special award for SDG-focused work

    From 2019 onwards, SDU will award an annual prize of DKK 25,000 to staff and students who have made a special, inspiring effort in relation to the UN global goals. The award is given for an initiative that provides inspiration in-house at SDU, as well as in relation to the “outside world”. The award is aimed at motivating everyone at SDU to do more to consider the UN SDGs and their importance. This recognition for a special effort will take place at the Annual University Celebration. The first awards will be made at the event held on Friday 25 October 2019.

  • Open forum

    SDGs Forum at SDU

    In the early autumn of 2019, SDU will invite students and staff to an open forum for developing ideas and initiatives about how best to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These ideas and initiatives will influence prioritisation of new, important activities at the university. The new forum is aimed at students and staff at SDU, but representatives from business, public sector and elsewhere will also be invited to inspire new ideas and actions. The SDGs Forum will help frame SDU initiatives in relation to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and make sure that SDU staff and students feel a sense of “ownership” with regard to these new activities.

Ideas for future initiatives at SDU

Even before SDU’s SDG-forum is established in the late summer of 2019, employees and students have come up with ideas to future initiatives at SDU. For example:

Smart charging for electric cars

Establishing Living Lab for a new, smart control system to charge electric cars.

Changing to electric cars

Exchanging SDU’s vehicle fleet to electric and/or hybrid cars.

Less plastic

Stop the buying of disposable plastic cutlery in favour of alternative products and solution.

Better waste sorting

More communal waste disposal stations giving access to better waste sorting.

Less food waste

A reduction of the waste of food in canteens and after meetings and events.

Turn off the electricity

Turn off equipment on stand-by (e.g. computer monitors) and use sensors that can time limit the electricity consumption of equipment and buildings.

Reduce pesticides

Stop the use of pesticides on the university grounds.

Reduce fluorides

Reduce the buying of products containing persistent fluorides.

Sustainable buying

Integration of sustainability into the university’s buying, including a special focus on products with a sustainable supply chain.

Active Living

Extend the Campus Odense Active Living project to other cities.

Paperless university

Reducing the university’s paper consumption in favour of digital solutions.

Gender equality at SDU

Continued development and expansion of the university’s Gender Equality Initiative, including an extension of Gender Statistics to follow-up on the gender balance at hiring and filling of vacancies.