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Climate plan process

The data collection in connection with the climate plan has now largely been completed and has consisted of:

  • Workshops for employees and students on all campuses with approx. 70 participants and the opportunity to send suggestions by e-mail.
  • Call for proposals for initiatives from an expert group consisting of approx. 30 researchers (appointed by faculties), practitioners (appointed by the university director) and students (The Green Student Movement) with special insight into the climate.
  • Workshop with the expert group to qualify and prioritize proposals for initiatives - approx. 25 participated.
  • Ongoing dialogue with other Danish universities about their experiences and content in their climate plans (especially AU and KU).

You can see the suggestions that have come during the process here (primarily only in Danish).

A draft climate plan will now be prepared, which we will qualify through dialogues with the University Council, HSU and students.

The climate plan will also be qualified through dialogue with a background group consisting of representatives of Technical Service and Procurement as well as through dialogue with Professor Henrik Wenzel.

Last Updated 27.10.2021