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Terms of reference for the expert group


The Board of Governors has decided that SDU must work towards reducing the university's emissions of greenhouse gases in 2030. The first step in this work will be the preparation of a climate plan for SDU in the autumn of 2021.

The work to date with sustainability at SDU has been based on a high degree of involvement of employees and students in the development of solutions and prioritization of initiatives. This approach will continue in the work of reducing the university's carbon footprint.

In addition, it is important that the existing research and practice knowledge at SDU is brought into play. The Executive Board has therefore decided to set up an expert group with the participation of researchers, key players in the technical-administrative field and students.


The expert group contributes with research and practice knowledge and advise the Executive Board in relation to

  • Setting ambitious and realistic targets for reducing SDU’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, based on the target that the Board of Governors has provisionally set based on climate accounts for 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Possible technological solutions and behavioral initiatives that can contribute to the realization of targets for reducing SDU's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
  • In this connection, assess the need to adjust and supplement the portfolio of already initiated initiatives in the climate area at SDU.

Appointment of members to the expert group

Appointment of members is made by the deans of the respective faculties and the university director after expressions of interest from employees. As representatives of students, students from the Green Student Movement at SDU are invited.

Form of work

The expert group solves its tasks by participating in two half-day workshops in the autumn of 2021. The first workshop is expected to take place in week 37 and the second workshop in week 41.

The expert group is administratively supported by the SDG HUB in the Rector's Secretariat.


The work of the expert group is reported in a comprehensive catalog with proposals for targets for reducing SDU's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and possible technological solutions and behavioral measures that can contribute to the realization of the targets.

The catalog is presented to the Executive Board, which, based on this and other input from the process in connection with the climate plan, proposes targets and actions for adoption by the Board of Directors in December 2021.

Last Updated 28.09.2021