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Specific SDG

Specific SDG


At SDU, we want to educate young people of the future to create value for, not only Denmark, but the whole world. We have therefore launched initiatives, which will contribute to them gaining an overall focus of the UN's 17 SDGs. You can read more about each initiative here.

  • Training

    Got sedentary work?

    Here are the researchers' most effective exercises

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  • Education

    Introductory course for new students on the SDGs

    The course on sustainability is a research-based introduction to the SDGs and their relevance for academic studies. In addition to providing a basic introduction to the SDGs and their historical and political context, the course will also in-clude various examples of specific problems associated with the goals and explore some of the dilemmas such as the work on achieving the goals. The course will provide the students with an interdisciplinary platform for working with the SDGs. The students will also gain experience in working critically and reflectively with the SDGs.

  • Pool

    SDG Pool for students at SDU

    SDU supports students at SDU who would like to work with the SDGs. A pool has been allocated for this purpose and focuses on studentbased initiatives. The pool has been set aside for the purpose of ensuring financial support for studentbased initiatives and activities, which are developed and run by the university's students and aimed at working within the framework of the SDGs. The pool may only be applied for by existing student associations at SDU or by students at SDU.

  • Camp

    SDG camp for young people

    In collaboration with other educational institutions, SDU will conduct an annual event aimed at young people on Funen. The format of the events will vary from year to year and may consist of, e.g. inspiration for life-hacks, workshops based on business cases, talks and debates. The events will put the UN's 17 SDGs on the agenda for young people, strengthen the network among young people and introduce researchbased knowledge of the SDGs.

  • Inspiration Prize

    SDG Award at SDU

    SDU bestows and annual award of DKK 25,000 to staff and students who have made a special and inspiring effort in relation to the UN's SDGs. The award is given for an initiative that can provide inspiration internally at SDU, as well as externally in the outside world. The award aims to motivate everyone at SDU to focus on the SDGs. The recognition for these special efforts is made at the yearly gala, which is the university’s annual celebration.

  • Open forum

    SDG forum at SDU

    SDU’s SDG forum is an open forum where ideas and initiatives can be developed for working with the SDGs. These ideas and initiatives will influence the prioritization of new, important activities at the university. The new forum is aimed at students and staff at SDU, but representatives from business, the public sector, and others will also be invited to inspire new ideas and actions. The SDG forum will contribute to setting frameworks for initiatives in relation to the UN's 17 SDGs and ensure ownership for new activities among SDU's staff members and students.