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Can universities do more than just provide facts?

The EU has never had more resources available to support research related to the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals than now. Are we applying for sufficient funding in Denmark, and which pitfalls should the universities seek to avoid? Listen to EU official Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, and SDU Pro-rector Sebastian Mernild discuss the role of universities in a sustainable development of Europe. The dialogue is moderated by science journalist Peter Hyldgård.

By Christine Højlund Andersen, , 11/5/2020

Join us for a discussion of the role of the Danish universities in society. If the aim of research is to help address the challenges posed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, then what can each researcher and the institutions do? Continue to deliver solid research results? Engage more frequently in rewriting research into specific actions that politicians and officials can relate to? How do officials view researchers?

Watch the recording of the live stream and learn more about what the EU system thinks about the contribution of universities towards a more sustainable world. How does the EU intend to support and make demands on universities in terms of the green transformation?

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