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Online webinar

Sustainable production of pork meat: innovating future reduction of antibiotics in pig production

We would like to invite you to an online webinar co-arranged by the Follow the Pig project and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, SDU regarding antibiotics and resistance in pig production.

Online webinar

Part of the concurrent sustainability debate in food touches on alternative futures of animal husbandry and meat production. At this webinar we do not discuss if we should produce meat – but how. A specific focus is set on reducing the use of antibiotics in pig production.

Additional actors play a role in creating and shaping future production and markets of pig meat. Our guest speakers represent different actors’ voices and perspectives on the matter. A panel of Nordic researchers discuss the different perspectives on reducing use of antibiotics in pig production and the implications for future pork meat markets with the guest speakers.

And you are invited too.

The two-day online webinar on the 19th and 20th of January 2021 is hosted by SDU.

Program and speakers

Tuesday 19th January: Shaping future markets for pork

9:30 Welcome

Ass. Prof. Anna Schneider-Kamp, SDU

Consumer Resistance and Responsibilization: The Case of Medicine Consumption

Anna Schneider-Kamp’s research focuses on the health-related everyday practices of consumers and their duality of identity between consumers and patients. In her presentation, she will shed light on how discourses regasrding antibiotics overuse have contributed to both consumer responsibilization and consumer resistance in the consumption of medicine.


Prof. Dannie Kjeldgaard, SDU

Nordic consumer culture: sustainable consumption

Dannie Kjeldgaard analyses change processes of market-based glocalization in domains such as place branding, branding, media and identity construction, global consumer segments, ethnicity and qualitative methodology.

In this presentation he focuses on cross-section of climate change, responsibilization and consumer culture.

11:10-11:30 Break

Associate Prof. Lars Esbjerg, Aarhus University

On the central role of retailers in shaping markets (for pork)

Lars Esbjerg has studied the role of retailers in national and international value chains in the food sector for many years. Recently, he has been particularly interested in how the market practices of food retailers shape markets for animal welfare. In his talk, he will discuss how retailers are changing from being passive market oriented, where they simply react to consumer demand, to becoming more proactive and market driving.

Wednesday 20th January: Alternative futures of innovating use of antibiotics

9:00 Welcome

Adjunct prof. Tuomas Kuhmonen, University of Turku

Alternative futures of animal husbandry

Tuomas Kuhmonen has studied the challenges of the food system with several disciples: agricultural economics and policy, entrepreneurship, rural studies, sustainability science, futures research and systems science. In his talk, he envisions the framing effects of alternative futures and illustrates five alternative futures images of the animal husbandry.


CEO Iben Krog Rasmussen, Frej Think Tank

The future of sustainable food production

Think Tank Frej is working for promoting a more sustainable food production and consumption through dialog and meetings between young people and food producers. Iben grew up at a conventional pig farm and will tell her life story from being a part of the production to becoming a sustainable change maker. Iben will share her view on the future for pig producers in Scandinavia. She will give you no answer but questions to think about.

11:10-11:30 Break

Prof. Doc. Med. Hans Jørn Kolmos, SDU

Concerns for the future health of citizens – the case of MRSA

Professor Hans Jørn Kolmos has for many years criticized the healthcare system and agricultural sector for excessive use of antibiotics. He continues to believe, that not enough is being done to reduce the use of antibiotics. In his talk, he focuses on the spread of the dangerous MRSA bacterium.

Panel and organisers

  • Aino Halinen, Prof. University of Turku
  • Alexandra Waluszewski, Prof., Uppsala University
  • Debbie Harrison, Prof., Norwegian Business School BI
  • Kristin B. Munksgaard, Prof., University of Southern Denmark

Background info of the webinar: since autumn 2018 the organisers have been investigating the differences in use of antibiotics in the Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian pig meat based food production; including contextual differences such as institutions and regulations, economic logics and interests among actors in these systems. This is the last webinar in a series of three.


By registration you will obtain a Zoom-link for the event.

Registration here

Among themes discussed are:

  • Nordic consumer culture: sustainable consumption
  • The central role of retailers in shaping markets
  • The futures of animal husbandry
  • Concerns for the future health of citizens

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