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Kursus i bæredygtige materialer

Every quarter you will be able to listen to a new podcast, where researchers from SDU and guests from companies, NGOs etc. discuss challenges and opportunities in the work with sustainability and the SDGs.

While we are in the process of producing the first podcasts, you can listen to podcasts on sustainability topics with members of the SDG Collab produced in other contexts.

Green visions – green ideas 
Reuse of materials: Interview with Lykke Margot Ricard, SDU Innovation and Design

Mink farming
You can hear Brooks Kaiser, Professor, The Management and Economics of Resources and Environment Research Group, SDU in the Spotify podcast Mink Farming

Organic solar cells a new breakthrough technology
Interview w. Vida Engmann on organic solar cells possess several advantages compared to conventional silicon solar cells – they are cheaper to manufacture, more eco-friendly, flexible and transparent. Researchers from the NanoSYD team of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Sønderborg have achieved a breakthrough within organic solar cells. 

Green visions
And much more via Green Alison on Green visions.

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