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Altinget 24092021 SDG Collab

Altinget 24 Sep. 2021 – Hear about SDU’s new SDG Collaboratorium


Updated 27-09-2021: See the video, where the researchers and heads of education debate about future knowledge bridges and their examples of how SDU can play a role in the sustainable transition.


See the programme for Altinget Friday 24 September at 12.00 - 13.00


Hear about the new SDU initiative for cooperation across the traditionally separated research areas within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The connection between research and education is crucial, and initiatives to cooperation across professional competences are important in order to avoid a knowledge gap between research and society towards a sustainable transition. Meet SDU researchers and Heads of Education in a debate about future knowledge bridges and listen to their examples of how the university can play a part in the sustainable transition. 


The researchers and the Heads of Education in the panel stand behind the SDG Collaboratorium – a new initiative for cooperation across the traditionally separated research areas and approaches to the SDG work. One of the focus areas is bridge building between the professional knowledge areas and external players, who are important in order to see the correlation between the global challenges and the work on creating complete solutions.


The event takes place in Danish.



  • Lykke Margot Ricard, Associate Professor in Sustainable Innovation and Head of Education, SDU
  • Janne Liburd, Professor of Sustainable Tourism, SDU
  • Sara Egemose, Associate Professor in Water Biology and Ecology and Head of Education, SDU
  • Jan Vang, Professor in Global Sustainable Production, SDU
  • Philippe Grandjean, Professor in Environmental Medicine, SDU/Harvard School of Public Health


  • Ralf Andersson, SDU Journalism

Financed and arranged by The University of Southern Denmark.

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