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The SDU SDG Collaboratorium (SDG Collab) is an open and purpose-driven network led by researchers at SDU with the aim of strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration to solve local and global sustainability challenges.

The activities offered by SDG Collab also aim to build bridges between research, innovation and education. The Collab, in line with the SDGs, aims to support and sustain inclusive opportunities for early academic career and established researchers in supporting and sustaining a gender balance.

The SDG Collab is established with the core value of respecting the individual's freedom of research and thus the right to choose the subject and method of research in accordance with the University Act.

Transitioning towards more sustainable and resilient societies requires an integrated approach that recognises that the diverse sustainability challenges—and their solutions—are interrelated and call for a high degree of collaboration. 

There is also a need to bring all our talents into play if we are to create the innovation and new thinking, that is needed if we are to leave our planet in a reasonable condition for future generations.

Below you can read more about the SDG Collab and how you can take part in the network and its activities.