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Work Package 5

WP 5 - Intedisciplinarity

A key feature of the USES OF LITERATURE project is interdisciplinary research: literature scholars engaging with the social sciences and health studies, for example, as well as social scientists and health scholars engaging with literature. This research unfolds as a collective enterprise that involves scholars collaborating across disciplinary lines as well as engaging with perspectives, theories, and methods from other disciplines to study the uses of literature. Ultimately, this approach allows us to be innovative, curious, and to develop new understandings of our respective areas of study. However, moving across disciplinary borders is not easy. It is challenging, sometimes even dangerous, and demands a continuing discussion about how and why we produce interdisciplinary work. Such questions are central to the discussions we want to facilitate in this WP, which works alongside and across the more thematic WPs. We will arrange a number of focused events every semester to facilitate an ongoing discussion on the methods and practice of interdisciplinary research.

In charge: Professor Klaus Petersen and Assistant Professor Bryan Yazell

Members of WP 5