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Work Package 2

WP 2 – New Approaches to Contemporary Literature

WP 2 focuses on new approaches to contemporary literature. After having discussed Bruno Latour’s actor network theory and having used his method in articles and monographs the WP will discuss other new approaches to the study of contemporary literature, for instance new literary sociology,  and read literary texts and theoretical articles together. Several of the members of the WP are in the process of finishing research articles, so the WP will also discuss these contributions by the members. The WP will mainly study Scandinavian literature.

In charge: Researcher in charge, Prof. Anne-Marie Mai

1 Ph.D. project: Literary works as actors – a new approach to literary studies (Occupied)

This comparative project will examine how contemporary literary works are engaged in a variety of literary, scientific, political and cultural negotiations and in what sense they can be conceived as actors. 

1 Assist. prof.: Literature and narrative medicine (Occupied)
Often narrative medicine is based on a traditional hermeneutical view of literature. The project will examine how Felski’s ideas about the uses of literature and the relevance of ANT to literary studies can renew narrative medicine. 

Members of WP 2