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Rita Felski - Clark Lectures 2021, Trinity College Cambridge


We are proud to announce that Rita Felski will present this year's prestigious Clark Lectures,  Trinity College Cambridge. The Clark Lectures, sponsored by Trinity College, are on literature in English, broadly conceived. Past Clark Lecturers have included T.S. Eliot (1926), E.M. Forster (1927), C.S. Lewis (1944), Dame Helen Darbishire (1949), F.R. Leavis (1967), Richard Rorty (1987), Toni Morrison (1990), Abp Rowan Williams (2005), Seamus Heaney (2006), Elaine Scarry (2007), Sir Frank Kermode (2007), Roy Foster and Roger Chartier (2009) and Susan Wolfson (2011).

More info about Rita’s Clark Lectures 2021.

The Clark Lectures 2021 will be online, and everybody are welcome to join - no pre-registration needed. Link to join the lectures: 

Rita's Clark Lectures 2021:
Feb 18 at 5pm (UK time): Remix
March 4 at 5 pm (UK time): On Recognition: Returning to Reims
March 11 at 5pm (UK time): On Disclosure: Robert Walser
18 at 5pm (UK time): On Resonance: Stoner and Theory

List of past Clark Lectures.