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Prof. Peter Simonsen on BBC


Prof. Peter Simonsen has participated in the Novel production for BBC Radio 4, “Poems at Dusk” about poems in their twilight years. Peter tells about the final works of W.B. Yeats, and offers a reding of the Objectivist poet George Oppen’s The Tongues:
Poet and critic Peter Simonsen introduces us to the final works of WB Yeats who worked long into old age and strove to articulate the experience of physical decrepitude. Peter also offers us a haunting reading of the great Objectivist poet George Oppen's The Tongues. The sparse and fractured nature of the poem makes perfect sense when we learn that, at the end of his life, Oppen was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease which slowly but surely robbed him of the ability to speak and process words. (from