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New Anthology! "Narrativ Medicin i uddannelse og praksis"


New anthology! The anthology Narrativ Medicin i uddannelse og praksis (ed. by Anders Juhl Rasmussen, Anne-Marie Mai and Helle Ploug Hansen) will be published in Danish May 21. The anthology will be published in English in the fall 2021.

Articles by: Rita Charon, Ann Jurecic, Ronald Schleifer, Arthur Frank, Anders Juhl Rasmussen, Morten Sodemann, Cindie Maagaard, Helen Schultz, Anita Wohlmann, Anette Søgaard Nielsen, Jakob Emiliussen, Anette Grønning, Anne-Marie Mai, Sara Seerup Laursen, Tine Riis Andersen, Helle Ploug Hansen, Marie-Elisabeth Lei Holm, Peter Simonsen, Mette Marie Kristensen, Anna Paldam Folker, Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox og Rishi Goyal.

The editors and many of the article authors are Uses of Literature members.

More details about the anthology.