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Literature provides access to unique universes


Marie-Elisabeth Lei Holm gives an interview, "Literature provides access to unique universes" to SDU - Nyt fra Humaniora (Andreas Brunebjerg Jørgensen) on her PhD thesis Recognition Redefined. Using Literary Texts to Get Social Acknowledgement.

From Marie-Elisabeth's PhD thesis:

"Recognition Redefined investigates the complexities of literary and social recognition with the aim of putting a fresh, cross-disciplinary spin on reader identification and social acknowledgment. Engaging with contemporary Danish and Anglophone works on racialization, illness and gender, I argue in favor of a close relation between aesthetic appeals to recognition and the political dimensions of literary texts. Moreover, I propose a framework bent on experience and relations, as opposed to identity and status, for articulating new fruitful understandings of how literary texts call for aesthetic and social recognition. Based on this, I argue that literary texts can make readers get what social acknowledgment is all about – and thereby help us redefine a key concept in the social sciences. " (Marie-Elisabeth Lei Holm: Recognition Redefined. Using Literary Texts to Get Social Acknowledgement, p. 201)