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Call for papers to the conference "LOVE ETC."


What is there left to say about love? Endlessly invoked, celebrated, assailed, abused, and parodied, love has been hailed as the meaning of life and disdained as the ultimate cliché. The conference "LOVE ETC." is inspired by the conviction that love is poised to become a focus of renewed interest in the humanities. We anticipate two main focal points for the conference, without excluding other options. 

Love in contemporary literature, art, and culture

Love of literature and art


The conference will feature twenty-minute papers that tackle these questions in accessible and engaging ways. We are looking for position papers, provocations, and intellectual experiments rather than surveys of existing scholarship or close readings of a single text. As we’ll be exploring the option of publishing versions of talks, we ask that materials not be committed for publication elsewhere.  


Please see the call for papers