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Anders appointed member of the CHCI Medical Humanities Network Steering Committee


Associate Prof. Anders Juhl Rasmussen has been elected as member of the CHCI Medical Humanities Network Steering Committee for a five year period. Anders  is coordinator of and co-teacher in all courses of Narrative Medicine at SDU; together with Associate Prof.  Anita Wohlmann (SDU) Anders is in charge of “Narrative Medicine” in the project "Uses of Literature: The Social Dimensions of Literature". Anders is founder (2017-) and head of the steering committee for Nordic Network for Narratives in Medicine. He has published articles in Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal, Journal of Research in Sickness and Society, Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly and BMJ Medical Humanities. He has edited an anthology in Danish [Read, Write and Heal. Perspectives on Narrative Medicine] at the University Press of Southern Denmark (2017) and is currently co-editing a new anthology which is published in Danish and in English [Narrative Medicine in Education and Practice] with contributions from Rita Charon, Ann Jurecic, Ronald Schleifer, Arthur Frank, Rishi Goyal, and Danish researchers.

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