Congratulations to Anne-Marie Mai!


Anne-Marie Mai received the prestigious Danish Literary Award Søren Gyldendal Prisen at a award ceremony in Copenhagen at the distinguished publishing house Gyldendal Forlag, April 19, 2018. She is honored for her unremitting work to make literature available to everybody.

Mai teaches medical doctors in literature, so they can learn to see the whole human being – rather than just a diagnosis. Publishing innovative literature – historical works such as Where the literature takes place and Gallery 66, arrange Bob Dylan conferences and much more. Professor Mai fits well with the jury’s motivation for awarding Søren Gyldendal Prisen 2018:
Anne-Marie Mai is a powerful field of movement: With her clear intention to explore the possibilities of literature and make it present for the most possible, she has tirelessly entered new paths in her research – as well as teaching and dissemination. Anne-Marie Mai has put her unmistakable flair on the Danish literary scene for several decades, and for this effort she gets the Søren Gyldendal Pris award 2018.

Søren Gyldendal Prisen was first handed in 1958.