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Online Lecture Series: "Forms of Reading" - lecture by Associate Prof. Elaine Auyoung (University of Minnesota)

Who: Uses of Literature. The Social Dimensions of Literature
When: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 15:00 - 16:15

Online Lecture Series: "Forms of Reading" - lecture by Associate Prof. Elaine Auyoung (University of Minnesota)

Our Disciplinary Biases
What are readers doing when they get lost in a book or when they become intimately familiar with fictional characters? How are the processes involved in these experiences distinct from the literary critical practice of performing “a reading”? Why is it still so difficult for us to apply sustained attention to the nature and value of aesthetic experience, as opposed to deciphering the messages that artworks contain? This cross-disciplinary talk engages research on reading and cognition to illuminate the unspoken conventions that shape our interpretive practices and how those specialized procedures build on and depart from the activities of lay readers. In doing so, it makes a case for how basic concepts from social and cognitive psychology can provide humanists with vital new tools for thinking about the arts and the experiences they create.

Bio - Associate Prof. Elaine Auyoung (University of Minnesota)
Elaine Auyoung is Associate Professor of English at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and Affiliate Faculty of the Center for Cognitive Sciences. She is the author of When Fiction Feels Real: Representation and the Reading Mind (Oxford, 2018). Her essays have appeared in New Literary History, Poetics Today, Victorian Studies, and Nineteenth-Century Literature. Her current book project accounts for how the arts, including fiction, poetry, painting, music, and dance, create uniquely powerful but fragile experiences of absorption, intimacy, belonging, even transcendence. She holds a PhD in English from Harvard University and a BA in English from Stanford University.

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