Entry requirements

Exchange and guest student have the possibility of following the SAS programme. You can sign up for SAS courses only, or you can follow some of the courses combined with courses from e.g. the Faculty of Humanities or The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

The programme is offered both in the autumn and the spring. In the autumn exams are held before Christmas and in the spring exams are in June. The last day of exam can be scheduled as late as June 30th.

The SAS is a bachelor level programme. You must meet the entry requirements for the courses you wish to take, meet the application deadline and enclose all relevant documents. If you wish to supplement the SAS-programme with courses at master level, you must be a master level student which means that you must have completed what compares to 180 ECTS credits.

Entry Requirements for Exchange and Guest Students:

  • You are a full time student at a university in your home country (exchange students only).
  • The courses you wish to follow at the University of Southern Denmark must be transferred back to the degree you study at your home university (exchange students only).
  • You have completed and passed minimum one year of university studies.
  • You meet the entry requirements of the courses you wish to follow. You finde the entry requirements in the description of the relevant courses.

You have English skills compared to the Danish B level in English if you plan to attend courses taught in English. Read more about English requirements and how to document your English skills here.

Read more about admission and required enclosures to the application here.

For more information on courses contact the academic advisor and associate professor, Mogens Davidsen, mdav@litcul.sdu.dk

If you have questions to the admission process, please contact SDU International Office, int@sdu.dk