At the seminars you can - among others - meet:

Lars Christian Detlefsen who is a script consultant at Den Vestdanske Filmpulje and former head of the script programme at the National Film School of Denmark.

Lars has been in the film- and TV-business for more than 15 years. He said: “I believe in hard work. Talent is important, but discipline, courage and elbow grease are more important. And humour.” 

At the seminar, Lars will among other things speak with humour of the dramaturgical “scandals” that Danish film and TV need to develop.

Linda Aronson is an award-winning Australian scriptwriter and writer of non-fiction books. Linda wrote The 21st Century Screenplay (2011).

She is a highly-demanded lecturer and has earlier conducted a workshop at SDU, which was of great inspiration to the participants.

When she talks of screenwriting in the future her starting point among other things is that the good story will always be in the centre at the same time as the media technologies develop.

Sven Vinge is a trained film director from Super 16, and he is highly topical with the film I fars hænder (2017) that premiered at Copenhagen Dox.

Apart from that, Sven is a lecturer at the Script writer programme at SDU together with among others Iben Albinus Sabroe who herself is a trained script writer. At present, Iben works as a lecturer as well as a scriptwriter in feature films and TV series. She is chairman of the Danish Bodil Best Screenplay Award.

Ann-Alicia Ilskov is a junior producer at Zentropa in Filmbyen, Avedøre and Zentropa Fyn. She works in the development department, and her focus is on talent scouting for the film stories that should secure the continued innovation of Zentropa and Danish film. Ann-Alicia is also a mentor at SDU’s Script writer programme.

Anne Bertram and Ditte Mejlhede both work under Kulturregion Fyn with the focus area: “Movies for children and young people”. Moreover, Anne is in front of the highly successful film competition Edit24. Ditte has contributed to the development of unique material for teachers and students about films in the municipal primary and lower secondary school.

Heidi Philipsen is an associate professor at Media science and she is a course organiser at the Script writer programme at SDU. She has contributed to establishing the first academic script writer programme in Denmark and has done a lot of research into talent development and productive film learning.

Steen Bech is a trained film editor educated from 18 Frames who is studying to be a script writer. Steen has made several short films, and he has taught many children in filmmaking.

Mikael Woelke is an upper secondary school teacher whose focus is on film production. He is also in front of Station Next in Faaborg. You can meet them and other representatives from our cooperators and the Danish film and TV industry.

The Summer Screen Play School and Seminars are carried by University of Southern Denmark in corporation with: FilmFyn, Odense Film Værksted (OFV), Odense Internationale Filmfestival (OFF), Det Danske Filminstitut (DFI).

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