Courses July 31st - August 14th

Writing Scenes for Screenplays (Course 1)

Find your voice as a writer by this course in creative script writing. And learn how to master a scene.
Lecturer: Screenwriter Iben Albinus Sabroe

Analysing Film and Screenplays (Course 3)

Listen to the needs of your own manuscript based on analysis and theory of other people’s films and scripts.
Lecturer: Research Assistant Mark Mansfeld

Film and Screenplay History (Course 4)

An introduction to central theories of film genres, audio visual means, dialogue, character development and stylistic features in a film historic perspective.
Lecturer: Assistant Professor Line Nybro Petersen and Associate Professor Henning Pryds

All available courses.

We also have seminars!

Besides these five film and TV courses you can choose to apply, we also invite you to three film and TV seminars at Funen in August.

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