Summer Screen Play School & Seminars

Denmark is known for its creative filmmakers like film director Lars von Trier and scriptwriter Kim Fupz Aakeson. We have also established a creative brand in the form of Nordic Noir, and various Danish TV series have been successful abroad. Lately, the Danish television drama Arvingerne (The Legacy) has been acclaimed both at home and abroad and has won prizes. 

 What has caused such a success? What can we learn from the production culture behind the success. And what tools of the trade can you obtain if you want to become a successful scriptwriter yourself or merely has an interest in film, TV and creativity? You could also be a teacher looking a place to elaborate your skills in film learning.

We will teach you that – and much more – at SDU’s Summer Screen Play School in August 2017!

 You have the opportunity to be part of three seminars and five courses focusing on filmic stories of the future. In August, you will meet competent lecturers from the Danish film industry and the Danish academic setting at SDU in Odense. You will gain insight into the latest tools which will improve your own creative voice and you will at the same time get to know many like-minded film– and TV-enthusiasts.

 You will also get to know Fyn, and particularly Odense better. At the same time of the Summer School both Odense Film Festival and the Svend Festival in Svendborg take place. Fyn is much more than the birthplace of H.C. Andersen. Fyn is also filmfriendly!

 The most recent effort to develop filmic stories into continued success is our international Summer Screen Play School and seminars! This is where we invite everybody who wants to come and learn more about the film adventure of Fyn and Denmark. And we invite all film lovers, film practitioners, film teachers and everyone who wants to test the writing of captivating screenplays, to come and play, write, be creative and to film with us!

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