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Courses within Healthcare Engineering

Within the field of healthcare engineering, we offer two courses - below, you will find more information about each course.

Please check the individual course descriptions for possible prerequisites and remember to see at which campus it is offered.



Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Data

Every day, a massive amount of patient data is generated and recorded on a global scale. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to automatically process all this complex data and use it to improve the accuracy and quality of healthcare services, and to generate innovative solutions in this sector. It can therefore be used in a variety of settings and disease conditions for e.g., the improvement of diagnosis and treatment decisions, prediction of clinical outcomes, patient monitoring and development of medical devices. This course will introduce students to the fundamentals and applications of AI in the healthcare environment, by offering the chance of working with different types of health data, such as structured patient journals, medical imaging results, and time-series. Techniques used to handle health data, as well as selective AI algorithms suited for the problems, will be explored across real-life challenges within the healthcare setting. Focus will be given to supervised machine learning algorithms  e.g. classification, regression.

Course description | Offered in Odense | Offered by: SDU Software Engineering



Medical Devices and Imaging

In this course you will gain a theoretical understanding and practical experience within medical devices and imaging techniques. There will be lectures in microfluidics including simulation and laboratory exercises where you will design, fabricate and test a microfluidic component. Moreover, you will learn about different medical sensing devices and various imaging techniques.

Course description | Offered in Sønderborg | Offered by: MCI Mads Clausen Institute


Last Updated 21.12.2022