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Courses within Business and Economics

Within the field of business and economics, we offer two courses - below, you will find more information about each course.

Please check the individual course descriptions for possible prerequisites and remember to see at which campus it is offered.



Decision, Persuasion and Negotiation

Like it or not, we have to make numerous decisions every day, and most of our decisions concern how to persuade, how to negotiate, and how to exert influence on other people. Being effective in decision making, persuasion and negotiation is indispensable to be successful in almost any profession. Research has shown, however, even intelligent people are biased in ways that seriously limit the quality of their decisions and compromise their potential in persuading and influencing others. This course aims to help the students become more effective in decision-making, persuading, and negotiating. We will study the rationales that drive human behavior and the common biases that affect the quality of decisions, with a thorough examination of behavioral perspectives on decision-making, persuasion, and negotiation.

Course description | Teaching mode: Online | Offered by: Department of Business and Economics



Transnational Entrepreneurship, Ideas and Migration

This summer course is a 5 ECTS block course with 10 intensive lecture/workshop-days in August complemented with readings, video materials and exercises (online). Based on research literature and global reports we develop an understanding on a) how mobile people/migrants do business and diffuse ideas and capitals across borders and contexts and b) how they shape entrepreneurial ecosystems and foster sustainable business solutions. The course builds on the work of global experts, international organizations (e.g. UNCTAD, UN) and academic research. Furthermore, students engage with NGOs and/or real-life transnational/diaspora businesses and produce a collaborative case assignment and present their individual reflections on it in a short video clip.

Course description  | Teaching mode: Online | Offered by: Department of Marketing and Management


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