Robots in context

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  • This Programme is offered in Odense

Join our international summer course and experience first-hand one of the leading robotics environments in Northern Europe and see some of many thriving and rapidly expanding robotic companies in Odense.

Robots are getting smarter and smarter, and in years to come they will be taking over a number of tasks for human beings, and according to some people in the field, there seems to be almost no end to the utilization of robots.

The objective of this two-week intensive course is to give students an overview of the commercially available robots and their application areas, the research activities at the university in robot technology, including artificial intelligence, and to introduce students to some essential robot activities such as path planning and surface treatment as well as an introduction to robot vision systems.

Having completed the course, you will have tested some robot related methods on simplified problems, including development of path planning applications for mobile robots and handling uncertainty in the real using for instance Kalman filters.

Over the past few years the robot industry has almost exploded in the Odense area with more than one hundred companies now developing robot related products. The course will include excursions to at least two of those companies.

Teaching and instruction method

The Faculty of Engineering has adopted a student-centred approach to learning, and teaching is based on problem based project work. Students participate significantly in class and carry out experimental work in small teams. The experimental work, data analysis and reporting will be done in teams of 3-4 persons.

Required skills

You must have completed at least two years of engineering studies.
Moreover, it is strongly recommended that students master an object-oriented programming language on a non-trivial level.

Related degrees

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Course description

See the course description.

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