Applied composite drone manufacturing

  • This programme is taught in English
  • This Programme is offered in Odense

"Make your ideas fly!
Build your own composite drone body.  

Drones come in various forms and shapes. The purpose of flying requires smart constructions and lightweight materials, such as composites. The composite lab at the Danish drone center offers various composite manufacturing technologies and materials to build different types of drones. The range of processes spans from additive manufacturing with composite materials over to filament winding and vacuum infusion. Natural fibers, like flax, offer sustainable composites but also glass and carbon fibers could lead to flying solutions. 

The aim of the course is to develop and manufacture your individual composite drone in each team. The teams will get guidance along the way and having the freedom to develop their ideas and manufacture their individual designs. 

The course will be fun, intense and interesting two weeks where you get a lot of practical experience with composite materials and manufacturing technologies. You will also learn applied product development and can exercise your project management skills as well as your team working capabilities. "

Course description

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