Health Tech Innovator

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Health tech Innovator

Summer school for university students who want to learn about the innovation process and user centred approaches for design and developments in the healthcare industry.

Why innovate in the health care sector?

Lifespans are longer and disease trajectories have become more complicated and protracted. The challenges of the healthcare systems are apparent and creating a lot of pressure on the current health care systems. For the sector to be able to cope with such future challenges, innovation is needed.
We believe that the great solutions may be found in cooperation between health and engineering professionals, thus the purpose of this Summer course is to strengthen cooperation between healthcare professionals and engineers for solving healthcare challenge.
So, come join our international Summer School at Southern University of Denmark (Odense campus) in August (week 32 and 33) and learn about health technology innovation, while working in cross-disciplinary teams.

What you will learn at the Summer School

In a series of lectures, we will take participants through the important parts of the innovation process in healthcare and relevant technologies, from wicked problems, user-driven innovation, entrepreneurial foundational theories and innovation management tools for aligning entrepreneurial processes with solving real life problems to Intellectual property rights (IPR) and CE marking (health, safety and environmental standards) for product sold within the European Economic Area.

Applying project work as a participant-driven framework, participants will practice theoretical learnings in teams working with problems that need multidisciplinary knowledge, skills and competencies.

The project work will run as a design innovation management project and experiences from real-life cases will be presented by external stakeholders e.g. problem-holders (the university hospital, industry and patient’s representatives).

Lectures will be given by SDU faculty members, from the health and medical faculty and the technical faculty including external guest lectures from industry, healthcare sector and user-representations.

Keywords for the lectures are:
Healthcare sector, eco system of healthcare sector, industry and product development, Innovation modelling, user-centred innovation, technology roadmapping, prototyping and business modelling.

Projects could be to devise a method for continuous measuring of oxygen level in children during their birth (too low oxygen level will induce brain damage) or to develop a device that supports data collection from heart failure patients etc. To support your project work we will offer lectures in a number of fields:

  • Innovation methods and what’s special about innovating in the health care sector
  • Cooperation across disciplines and methods
  • Experiences from innovators’ product developments and approval in the health care sector
  • The entrepreneurial process and skills needed to drive the product development process
  • Business development skills needed to analyse the commercial feasibility of your new product

As you will work with people from different countries and disciplines the course is also an opportunity to expand your professional network.

Team behind HTI Summer School

HTI Summer School is taught by SDU staff and external experts. The course is managed by:

Lykke Margot Ricard, PhD.
Associate Professor at the Department of Technology and Innovation, section of at SDU Innovation and Design Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering. Lykke is also Head of the MSc programme in Product Developments and Innovation. Her research is in innovation and technology management with special focus on socio-technical change for innovation. Lykke has practical experiences from her previous position as Innovation Manager at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

Mette Rothmann, PhD.
Associate professor at the Department of Clinical Research at The Faculty of Health Science. Mette is also Head of Studies and Senior researcher at the Centre for Innovative Medical technology (CIMT) in e.g. treatment of patients with telemedicine. Her main focus is on innovative solutions to complex health problems through a user-centred approach for design and development.

Søren Jensen
Associate professor at Department of Technology and Innovation at the Faculty of Engineering. Søren has years of experience in teaching entrepreneurship, patenting (IPR) and business development e.g. using lean canvas modelling. Among other things Søren has a brilliant mind for arranging social events in the local areas, which is an important team skill for a well-organized summer school.

Bente Hull Frich, PhD
Bente is External Lecturer at SDU. Her PhD is about technology in healthcare: transformative practices, roles and knowledge. In this course, she provides you with tools of communication and ethics of technology in healthcare. Essentially, don’t just tell us what technology can do, but what it does in the specific context.

Additional lectures and guest lectures
The course will draw on experts from the local and international health tech sector e.g. from Odense University Hospital (OUH) such as Clinical Associate Professor Knud B. Yderstræde and Project managers from the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, as well as we can promised an interactive interview with a guest representative from the Danish Patient Association.

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Teaching and Instruction method

Via lectures the course will introduce you to relevant theories within product development, user driven innovation, entrepreneurship and business development for the health tech sector. In small interdisciplinary groups you will apply the taught theories in a development project. You will work on the project during the entire course. At the end of the course you will show your results to a panel of experts, who will give you feedback on your project.

Required skills

As this summer course revolves around interdisciplinary cooperation and entrepreneurship it welcomes from student from the health and medical sciences, natural sciences, information technology and engineering sciences.
To participate you must have started your last year on bachelor studies or beginning of your master studies, have an interest in product development and the health care sector. Moreover, you should have – or be willing to develop – an entrepreneurial mindset and be interested in learning about business development in the health tech sector.

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Course description

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