Complex system modelling and simulation for intelligent energy systems

Over a prolonged period, energy has become the pivotal center of our society. Every civilization needs a significant amount of energy to fulfill its fundamental needs. However, due to continuous integration of different types of energy consumers, prosumers and producers, the present energy system is getting complex. Limited fossil fuels and intermittent energy sources are projected to lead to insecurity and energy poverty problem in future. To design a resilient urban energy system, it is vital to understand energy system’s complexity level and prospective solutions.

Therefore, we would like to welcome you for our summer school program entitled ‘Complex system modelling & simulation for intelligent energy systems’ in Odense. The underlying objective of this program is to give first hands-on experience about energy management system along with fundamentals of system modeling. In this program you will enjoy learning about various aspects of energy system and modeling challenges. At the same time, you will also have privilege to work on real projects and case-studies coming from our previous experiences.

After the successful completion of this program participant will be able to understand various key components of energy system, such as demand response, energy flexibility analysis and multi-agent system modeling, etc.  In addition, students will also get chance to learn about basic principles of Object oriented programming.

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