Biomass and biofuel technology

  • This programme is taught in English
  • This Programme is offered in Odense
Learn about state-of-the-art biofuel technologies of waste biomass conversion and its smart industrial processes. Understand energy potential of waste biomass and get insight into holistic strategies of biomass utilization through zero-carbon approach for a sustainable CO2 neutral technology. 

Teaching and Instruction method

The Faculty of Engineering has adopted a student-centered approach to learning, and teaching is based on problem based project work. Students participate significantly in class and carry out experimental work in small teams. The experimental work, data analysis and reporting will be done in teams of 3-4 persons.

The evaluation will be based on the technical reports and the presentation of selected results.

Required skills

You must have completed two years of engineering studies in chemical or biochemical engineering.

The course especially targets students who might have an interest in enrolling in SDU’s MSc. program within chemical, biochemical or functional materials engineering, but will of cause be of interest to BSc. engineering students within these fields in general.

Related degrees

MSc in Chemical Engineering
MSc in Chemistry

Course description

See the course description.

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