ERP System

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  • This Programme is offered in Odense

Join our course in ERP System to experience a hands-on approach to the ERP system in practice. You will be taught by a professor with extensive experience with ERP system from work in industry and at university.

The course X-ERP introduces and uses an Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP system. ERP is a software program that has been designed to record and manage your enterprise data. An ERP System automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations, and keeping inventory records and financial data. ERP is used to fulfill the business´ main flow from the customer facing front end, through MRP calculation, planning and scheduling, to the production and distribution of the products you make. In the X-ERP course the ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX is used.

After participation in the X-ERP course you will be able to understand the business´ main flow of information and goods that happen in every company, from receiving the order from the customer to be able to deliver the right goods in the right place. You will also gain an understanding of how important data reliability is, how a common ERP system is designed and how it works.

Teaching and Instruction Method

The Faculty of Engineering has adopted a student-centred approach to learning, and teaching is based on problem based project work. Students participate significantly in class and carry out project work in small teams. The experimental work, data analysis and reporting will be done in teams of 3-4 persons.

You will most of the time work within the ERP system and each student is operating within their own ERP system. There will be a short introduction in the beginning of class followed by work with different parts of the system. Through the course the students are working on a large case/exercise.

Required Skills

You must have completed at least two years of engineering studies and have an interest in how an ERP system works in a business.

Related degrees

BEng in Global Management and Manufacturing

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