Summer course in Danish Language, Literature and Culture

Beginners programme (preliminary program: changes may and probably will occur):


Language Level A 1


Program: Teaching, social activities and excursions


15 classes x 4 hours

University of Southern Denmark

Course director: Associate Professor, PhD Dag Heede

Venues: The Hans Christian Andersen Centre, Odense and University of Southern Denmark, Odense Campus


Content: The course combines classroom teaching with out-of-the-house-and-feedback-exercises, including authentic language encounters. The exercises are oriented towards realistic everyday situations; thus, the teaching is not confined to or oriented around the classroom but includes authentic language encounters. Active participation and preparation are necessary requirements.


The teaching is focused on basic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, oral and written proficiency, all with general communicative goals. It is function oriented and based on the latest foreign language didactic principles including intercultural aspect and has user based and innovative aspects.


Goals: Basic understanding and command of various aspects of Danish language (and to a smaller degree literature and culture) focused on functional competence in interactional practices.


Participants: University students with none or very limited knowledge of Danish language (A 1).


Exam: Small oral and written exercises and final written and oral exam. Certificates will be offered.


Context: Danish student assistants are part of the course and the program and will help with practical and social matters.











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