Schedule August 9th-31st

Thursday, August 9th

Arrival in Odense. Student assistants will be present and assist with accommodation and practical matters.


1. Friday, August 10th

Reception (in English)

Welcome by the Dean of the Humanities at the University of Southern Denmark Simon Møberg Torp

Introduction to the Hans Christian Andersen Centre by the Head of the Hans Christian Centre, Prof. Johannes Nørregaard Frandsen

Welcome by Head of the Danish Program, Associate Professor Bjarne le Fevre Jakobsen


Presentation of Student Assistants and Programme directors

Associate Professor Mogens Davidsen (Advanced course) and Associate Professor Dag Heede (Beginners course)


Introduction to Danish language by Bjarne le Fevre Jakobsen.


Social arrangement with both groups in Odense


2. Saturday, August 11th

Mogens Davidsen

Danish identity.

1.1-1.2 The Danish concept of the “Jantelov” and stereotypes. Equality 1.3-1.4 Cultural Dimensions. Geert Hofstede: comparisons with the cultural profiles of the students’ home countries: distance to power, individualism, male/female culture, insecurity avoidance). This is done via Hofstede’s homepage.


3. Sunday, August 12th

Mogens Davidsen

The concept of “hygge” and Danish happiness. 2.1-2.2 “hygge” – inclusion and exclusion. “Hygge” as a global trend. 2.3-2.4: The happiest country in the world. Why?


4. Monday, August 13th

Mogens Davidsen

Hans Christian Andersen and “The Golden Age”. 3.1 The Golden Age and the late Absolutism, literature, art, ballet, the paradigm of harmony. 3.3-3.4 Hans Christian Andersen, life and work, reading of lighter texts, i.e. “The Princess and the Pea”. (Texts read in Danish).


Tuesday, August 14th

Student assistants

Social activities


Wednesday, August 15th

Student assistants

Social activities


5. Thursday, August 16th

Mogens Davidsen

Danish design, architecture and lifestyle. 4.1-4.2 Kaare Klint and his students – 1920-1960, Børge Mogensen, Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Nanna Ditzel, Poul Kjærholm, Verner Panton etc. The functionalist ideal. 4.3-4.4 Architecture, the inspiration from Bauhaus and Le Corbusier, “localisation”; the University of Aarhus, 1927. The campus of the University of Southern Denmark, Odense as a case.

Lifestyle and culture of tastes. 5.1-5.2: Bourdieu (“light”) – habitus, practice and field. 5.3-5.4 Henrik Dahl and the Minerva model; Role play.

First written essay is due.


Social excursion for both groups: Visit to Hans Christian Andersen Museum, The Cathedral of Odense (containing the  remains of King Kanut the Holy), city walk with fairy tale sculptures. Tour is in English.


6. Friday, August 17

Mogens Davidsen

Danish and the other Nordic languages

Lecture by Associate Professor Peter Nielsen.

Language exercises.

Essays are due.


Saturday, August 18th

Excursion for both groups with Mogens Davidsen and Dag Heede:  Denmark’s “birth certificate”: the Jelling Stone and museum, The Viking Age. Trapholt: design and modern art. Kolding, Jutland.


Sunday, August 19th

Day off


7. Monday, August 20th

Mogens Davidsen

Essays are returned. Focus on language challenges.

Danes and God(s). 6.1-6.2: Old Norse mythology, Viking beliefs and the revival of the “Asa” religion in modern times. 6.3-6.4: The Reformation, Grundtvig and “grundtviganism”, the declining Church and religion in everyday life.

Midterm evaluation.


Social arrangement: City walk to old and new churches in Odense.


8. Tuesday, August 21st

Mogens Davidsen

Danish art. 7.1-7.2 “The Skagen Painters” and “The Funen Painters”. 7.3-7.4 Modernism: From COBRA art to Bjørn Nørgaard. Art walk on the campus of the University of Southern Denmark, Odense


9. Wednesday, August 22nd

Mogens Davidsen

Lecture on Danish language by Associate Professor Anna Vibeke Lindø. Language exercises.


10. Thursday, August 23rd

Mogens Davidsen

The Danish Democracy. 8.1-8.2 From Absolutism to the birth of political parties, Parliament and Democracy. 8.3-8.4 The present political parties, tensions and coalitions.


11. Friday, August 24th

Mogens Davidsen

Living conditions: from patriarchy to rainbow families. 9.1-9.2 the invention of the nuclear family, the culture of the “Biedermeier”. 9.3-9.4 The 1968-generation and the challenge to the nuclear family, collectives, communes, gender roles and same sex marriage.

2. essay is due.


Saturday, August 25th

Mogens Davidsen and Dag Heede

Excursion for both groups to Copenhagen, Humlebæk and Rungstedlund.


Sunday, August 26

Day off


12. Monday, August 27th

Mogens Davidsen

Danish film: 10.1-10.2: Lars von Trier and Zentropa films.

Return of essay with discussion of linguistic challenges.


Social arrangement for both groups: viewing of Lars von Trier: Breaking the Waves. (In English)


13. Tuesday, August 28

Dag Heede

Karen Blixen, Storyteller. 11.1-11.2: life and work. 11.3-11.4

“Babette’s Feast”, “The blank Page”. (Texts read and discussed in Danish)


Social arrangement: Viewing of Gabriel Axel: “Babette’s Feast”


14. Wednesday, August 29th

Mogens Davidsen and Dag Heede

Exam. Written essay on campus


15. Thursday, August 30th

Dag Heede. Presentation of Herman Bang. Life and work.


Wrap up, hand out of certificates and social farewell arrangement for both groups.


Friday, August 31st

Departure from Odense. Student assistants will be present to help.


Preliminary program: Changes may and probably will occur!






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