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Spanish and Latin-American Studies (Master)

The Master Programme in Spanish and Latin-American Studies builds upon the knowledge acquired during the BA Programme in Spanish, however, we endorse a greater independence when it comes to working with various material.

The Master Programme gives you the opportunity to select courses which interest you. You may decide to focus on a particular area in Latin-America a specific Spanish historical event or communication or translation of Spanish literature. During the two year Master Programme, you will learn how to understand and communicate your knowledge of Spanish and scientific theories and methods at a high academic level – in both Danish and Spanish.

You will gain a cultural understanding of the Spanish speaking countries (language, literature and history) and become familiar with the contrastive approach of the programme when comparing Spanish to Danish. These are all aspects of the BA Programme which are now being further developed.

The Master Programme directs even further focus on language skills – practical as well as theoretical.

Career Options

With a degree in Spanish, you may find work in the educational sector, for instance as an upper secondary education teacher, or as an instructor or researcher at university level. You may also work as a textbook writer or as a language educator in the corporate world. You may work as an interpreter or translate for television networks, as a communications officer or project coordinator with an NGO. A Master’s degree also qualifies for a career in research if you choose to apply for a PhD.