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Learning outcomes

What will make you particularly attractive to the labour market if you acquire a degree in Software Engineering? To an employer, you are your competencies, which is why we have outlined what general and special competencies you will obtain throughout this degree.

Engineering competencies

An engineering degree from the University of Southern Denmark will make you academically strong because highly competent and engaged teachers will teach you whilst surrounded by good, curious and interested fellow students. You will also be part of a research and development environment of high international standard, which will ensure that you will be able to obtain recent knowledge and be in the front line if you chose to study or work abroad.

General competencies

You will be able to:

  • Work in an interdisciplinary manner in a problem-based and project-oriented Danish/international organization
  • Employ your analytical and complex problem solving skills in an interdisciplinary, international and societal context
  •  Work independently and in teams
  • Define, formulate and analyze a complex issue

You will be:

  • Accustomed to working with organizations and have a solid business sense

Special engineering competencies

You will be able to

  • Develop future software solutions that influence our daily lives such as new ways to use smartphones, an alternative to Google or intelligent energy-efficient houses
  • Counsel CEOs and political decision makers when they have to invest in new software solutions, because you will be able to assess users’ needs and possibilities of the solution
  • Be at the head of developing and implementing IT because you will have obtained a thorough knowledge of software and its strengths and weaknesses in relation to an organization

With a master of science in engineering degree you will be qualified to apply for and study a PhD programme.

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Last Updated 22.03.2021