When the adventure became an award winner

Sofie Rose is currently in the middle of her Master of Social Sciences in International Security and Law Programme at SDU in Odense. She also holds a Bachelor in History from Aarhus University. This has proven to be a great advantage for her to have more than one background to draw from.

By Klara Hauberg Hansen

It was an afternoon at ARoS Art museum in Aarhus where the adventure began for Sofie Rose and Simon Mølholm Olesen. They had decided to participate in an article competition about security policy in the Arctic regions. It was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Foreign Policy Society that initiated the competition.

Sofie Rose and Simon Mølholm Olesen got to know each other at Aarhus University, when they were both in the middle of their Bachelor in History. During their study time in Aarhus, and afterwards, they have been very engaged in each other’s Master’s studies. They have helped each other by correcting and discussing papers and assignments. Sofie was doubtful when Simon, that afternoon, proposed that they should participate in the competition and write an article together.

“I must say that I was slightly skeptic in the beginning. First of all we were both in the middle of an examination period and second of all I thought; what can I really contribute with?”         - Sofie Rose      

Different kind of challenge
A ten page long article about Denmark’s strategic interests in the Arctic regions was born. Sophie and Simon were able to see the strength in the skill of drawing on knowledge from many courses and having different points of view. However, the journey towards the firm “congratulations-handshake” was not without its bumps.

“We have quite different views on the world. Simon is leaning a bit more to the realist’s side, where I find myself more on the feminists’ and the constructivism side. That definitely made the challenge bigger, but also more entertaining that we had to unite those two kinds of perception.”   - Sofie Rose


First place winner
It was over a boring dish of pasta when Sofie got the good news from Simon; the two of them were the lucky winners of the competition.

“I was pretty overwhelmed, but shortly after I was very happy and excited. I realized that our thoughts and thinking were being taking seriously and that the article would be published.”   - Sofie Rose

The award ceremony took place in Copenhagen on the 4th of February. Sofie Rose and Simon Mølholm Olesen were presented with their prize of 15.000 DKK. The Minister of Foreign Affairs also took time to express that he found their conclusions very interesting. Sofie and Simon’s article will be published in the magazine “Udenrigs” in April.

Sofie is currently in the middle of her second semester of her Masters’ programme at SDU.  She is also currently looking for an internship abroad. She hopes that an internship will help her, in the future, to promote that peace in a protected civilian population is manageable without the use of violence.

The article can be read at  via subscription.

Picture text: From the award ceremony. The Minister of Foreign Affairs presents the prize for the best article to Sofie Rose and Simon Mølholm Olesen.

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