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Learning outcomes/competence profile

Rooted in political science and law, the Master’s in International Security and Law program enables graduates to work in both public and private organizations that engage in areas of conflict and security. It will provide graduates will an ability to assess the dynamics of conflict and security issues, identify possible venues of action, and be cognizant of repercussions both domestically and internationally.

In particular, the graduate will gain these competences:

•  Analytical skills rooted in political science and international law with a special emphasis on ethical issues;
•  The ability to develop independent and original assessments of issues of conflict and security and provide policy options for public and private actors;
•  The ability to work in a cross-disciplinary team to generate broader and ongoing assessments and recommendations;
•  A profile attractive to organizations involved in conflict and security assessment, management, and resolution;
•  The skills to occupy central and important positions in these organizations and thus to help prioritize, organize, and sustain the organization’s analytical capacity.