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Career opportunities

With a Master of Social Sciences in International Security and Law you will be primed for a career in organisations that are involved in analysing, managing, and solving conflicts. It can be private or public organisations, and it can be organisations that are purely analytical or more broadly engaged in all dimensions of conflicts.

Graduates in the Masters of International Security and Law have found jobs in a wide variety of sectors, such as:

Government: Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Defense, Ministries of Finance, Missions to the United Nations, Embassies, Armed Forces, Maritime Authorities, Local Government, Police 

International Organizations: NATO, NATO Defense College, UN Migration Agency, Frontex, European Parliament, European Asylum Support Office, European Union Agencies

NGOs: NGO Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Mercy Corps, European Chamber, Danish Refugee Council, Danish Church Aid, ActionAid Denmark, Transparency International, Plan International, Cooperazione Internazionale

Private Companies: Investment/Insurance/Banking, Business Consulting, Legal Consulting, Brand Management, Filmmaking, Entrepreneurship

Higher Education: PhD student, Assistant Professor, Researcher, University Lecturer


Annette Stubkjær Rimmer, Graduating class of 2017
Policy advisor, Amnesty International

“The Master’s in International Security and Law provided me with a multidisciplinary toolbox of political and legal tools to assess and understand international conflict. I gained a comprehensive knowledge of the rules of war, the complexity of politics and states’ interests in wartime, human rights, and the international legal system, which was valuable in practice as an intern at the Danish Institute for Human Rights and at the UN Peacekeeping office.

This toolbox and work experience gained through the MOISL program are also highly valuable in my current job as a political advisor in Amnesty International responsible for human rights violations in armed conflicts and refugees’ rights.”

For examples of the diversity of opportunities for MOISL graduates, see our Student Testimonial webpage.