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Entrepreneur: IT system for the cleaning industry

This could be more efficient, Jakob Witte Larsen and his friend thought. The two robot systems engineers hit the keys and developed an online IT system that helps cleaning companies plan, administer and coordinate. Now they run the company ProLite Development.

’Our primary product is, which is an online planning and management tool for the cleaning industry. The system facilitates the planning of e.g. holidays, absenteeism and time sheets’, says Jakob who also does consultancy work for other companies.

Living a dream
The 24-year-old engineer has always wanted to have a lot of responsibility, which is what he has now:

’For several years I have been interested in development, planning and project management and life as an entrepreneur presents many opportunities for that’, says Jakob, who is employed fulltime at the company.

‘When you run a company you have many different tasks and we have divided them between us. So I am primarily in charge of development and update of the system’.

Exciting and time-consuming
The career as self-employed is still new, but the future looks bright:
‘We get new clients every week, so it has exceeded our expectations. Also, it is extremely satisfying to get feedback from clients saying that a product actually affect their daily work positively’.

‘Having your own company is really exciting, but it is also hard work. We have plenty of freedom but not much free time!’, he says and continues:

‘But I love the fact that everything is our responsibility – and that we are the ones who decide where we want to take the company’.

Project work is priceless
In addition to his academic competences in robotics, Jakob draws daily on other competences acquired as an engineering student:

‘We apply the tools we have acquired through semester projects such as the ability to structure and manage projects, set requirements and aims, and analyse problems. That has definitely helped prepare us for running a company’.

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Last Updated 11.02.2021