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Supplementing your degree

If you don’t fulfil the entry requirements of the programme, you may still be eligible for admission, under the condition that you follow one or more supplementary courses.  

Supplementing after study start

If you only miss a single course of a maximum of 5 ECTS to fulfil the entry requirements, you can be admitted under the condition that you follow a relevant bachelor level course while doing the first semester of the master’s. In this case the following conditions apply:

  • You must pass the course no later than March 1st, that is six months after the study start.
  • You can only be admitted if SDU offers a relevant course during the fall semester.
  • You have to pay tuition for the course. The tuition fee is according to rate group 3 in this overview of tuition fees for single courses.

To be admitted, you have to apply for regular admission to the programme.

Last Updated 03.05.2021