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With this education you will become an idea and product developer with comprehensive engineering knowledge and business acumen. As a student you gain fundamental knowledge about the development of products and processes. The Master's study programme integrates engineering/technical and scientific courses in finance, marketing, design and production networks.

Transverse Business Development

As a MSc in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation) you will learn business development across a company's different professional units. You can develop products, study the market and assess the product's market potential. We prioritise a creative approach and business understanding combined with traditional engineering skills.


In the last three semesters of your study, you will choose between tre profiles/specialisations:

Product Value Creation
The specialisation in Product Value Creation will focus on value creation in products and global product development processes. The development of new products with the inclusion of the user (and user interaction) and customer needs is also an important element of the study programme.

Technology Entrepreneurship and Business Development
This new profile offers a rare combination of technology entrepreneurship and business development skills and competences which are highly relevant in the context of both new technology startups and existing firms.

Sustainable Product Development
The sustainable product development study line enables engineers to engage in product development with a strong background with regards to numerous aspects of sustainability. This study line further allows the engineer to understand and deploy necessary tools to address sustainability issues.  

Project and research based learning environment

You will be part of a study-based and collaborative learning environment where you work in project groups. You and your fellow students are responsible for planning and carrying out projects within the allotted time. Projects typically come from companies and we emphasise the importance of solving problems from 'real life'.

With a degree in PDI you become an idea and product developer with comprehensive engineering knowledge and business acumen. The master programme provides you with a general knowledge of the product and process development and incorporates technical and natural science courses in economics, marketing, design and global supply chain networks.

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