Career opportunities

Ingeniøruddannelserne på SDU. Fotograf Mette Krull

You are qualified for jobs such as:

• Project manager
• Product planner
• Product developer
• Business developer
• Coordinator in innovation and idea development
• Market research analyst

The programme gives you a range of career opportunities, both in Denmark and abroad. If you choose to specialise in Production Technology you will typically work with the future's production systems, design of automated solutions and the building and leadership of global production networks.
If you specailise in Supply Chain Development you can for example work with integration of product development, business development and development of global supply chains.

You could choose, for example:

• A general management profile
• A specialisation in marketing
• Management of technical product innovation - also globally
• A specialisation in sustainably product Development
• Start-up  

You can also continue with a 3-year research programme which leads up to a Ph.D. For those who qualify with an MSc there is also the opportunity to undertake a business research programme which is conducted in close collaboration with a company where you will be employed. 

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