Conditional admission at MSc in Economics and Business Administration for February 1st 2018, with supplementary courses fall 2017

Do you have an education in the fields of Economics and Business Administration, and are missing more courses than it is possible to supplement with during the first semester of the MSc in Economics and Business Administration? Then you may be eligible to apply for supplementary courses in the fall of 2017.

If you receive an offer of admission for the supplementary courses, and accept this, you are guaranteed a study place in February 2018 in the programme (and specific profile) you have applied for – on the condition that you pass the needed supplementary courses in the fall of 2017.

The supplementary courses must be passed no later than the 1st of March 2018. You have two exam attempts to pass the course.

It is possible to take the needed supplementary courses at other institutions than SDU in the fall of 2017 (e.g. if the course is not offered, or if you would rather take the course elsewhere). But you must make sure that the courses meet the entry requirements at SDU.

NB: Please be aware that you must pay tuition fees for the supplementary courses (cf. current tuition fee rates for single courses), and that it is not possible to get the SU grant during the courses in the fall.

Programmes with the possibility to take supplementary courses in the fall of 2017
It is only possible to be enrolled at supplementary courses with a guarantee of conditional admission in a few selected master programmes.

In the fall of 2017 there are a limited number of available study places in the following programmes:

It is not possible to apply for any other programmes than the ones listed above.

If there are more qualified applicants than study places, places will be awarded based on the current selection criterias, which are listed on the individual programme’s website.

You must apply through the Application portal

The application period opens 15th of June 2017 and the application deadline is 22nd of June 2017.

If you are offered a study place, you will be enrolled in the supplementary courses at SDU in the fall of 2017, unless you upload documentation of enrollment elsewhere to your application.

Enclosures to your application
Remember to upload the following enclosure to your application:

  • Your graduate diploma, including a transcript of records. If you have not yet passed your degree, you must upload newest official transcript of passed as well as registered courses. 
  • Proof of your English proficiency
  • If you wish to attend the supplementary courses elsewhere than SDU, please upload documentation of enrollment.

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