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Introduction to the programme

  • This programme is taught in English

As an Operation Management engineer you learn to carry out and lead complex development projects at a strategic, tactical and operational level. You be able to have an overview of a situation and be able to implement solutions which optimally combine process technologies, production and supply chain solutions within a complex and turbulent market environment.

You will be qualified to:

  • use your market and product knowledge to design targeted supply chain solutions which utilise global conditions
  • develop and implement new principles and systems of production
  • develop global high technology production companies with focus on operations management and logistics

You will also learn to transfer your knowledge of production, operations management and supply chain to other industries and professional contexts. This can be for example to a hospital, an institution or other places where people work with technology.

The programme takes place in close collaboration with Danish companies as well as working with research within the field of production and supply chain so your training enables you to be responsible for innovation and growth in Danish companies.


You choose to specialise in either Manufacturing Technology or Global Supply Chain Development.

Academic profile in Manufacturing Technology
If you choose to specialise in Manufacturing Technology you will gain a deep knowledge of automation devices and you can be responsible for the implementation and running of automation processes, for example.

You will learn how production facilities can be relocated to other parts of the country or world and you can plan, organise and implement any given production in the most astute way.

Academic profile in Global Supply Chain Development
By specialising in Global Supply Chain Development you will be qualified to lead and carry out complex supply chain development processes from start to finish. You will be a specialist in designing targeted supply chain solutions which get the best out of the global conditions under which the company operates. At the same time you will also be able to combine new technologies with the right people in order to achieve the optimal company in relation to both production and flexibility.

Project and research based learning environment

You will be part of a study-based and collaborative learning environment where you work in project groups. You and your fellow students are responsible for planning and carrying out projects within the allotted time. Projects typically come from companies and we emphasise the importance of solving problems from 'real life'.

With a degree in PDI you become an idea and product developer with comprehensive engineering knowledge and business acumen. The master programme provides you with a general knowledge of the product and process development and incorporates technical and natural science courses in economics, marketing, design and global supply chain networks.

Entry requirements and admission

Read about entry requirements and how to apply for admission.

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Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark
  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 01.06.2021