More about the programme

The programme contains equal proportions of humanities and social science subjects, taking account of the fact that students can choose to write their thesis in one of the two areas or combine the two.

The programme builds upon the skills acquired by students in their BA negot. (Chinese) degree (i.e., skills acquired in the areas of business economics, marketing and national economics on the one hand, and Chinese language, society, culture and communication on the other).

Also included are electives from the humanities and the social sciences, which give students some latitude in influencing their course profile, for example by taking these courses abroad or doing them as part of a traineeship.

Teaching takes place as classes, lectures, student presentations, discussions, written exercises, group and project work.

Teaching is usually in English, but in some of the Humanities courses also in Chinese.

In the third term, there are good opportunities for study or work experience in China since the semester consists entirely of electives.

The aim of the programme is

  • to ensure that graduates are capable of finding independent solutions to subject-specific problems and to carry out relevant investigations on the basis of broadly based skills both in international business economics with special weight on marketing and in Chinese society and culture and communication theory, and that they master the Chinese language at a high level.
  • to qualify students to conduct and participate in academic work and to apply to continue to a Ph.d..

Graduates who have completed this master programme are entitled to use the title of MA (Master of arts) in business, language and culture.

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