Career opportunities

As a cand. negot. in Business, Language and Culture (Chinese), you get a good basis for employment in international companies and organizations, especially on the booming Chinese market. You will obtain expert knowledge of manoeuvering in the Chinese market, and you will be able to fulfill job functions such as:

-         conduct market surveys and market analysis based on data in Chinese

-          negotiate directly with Chinese partners in Chinese and considering Chinese cultural traditions

-          prepare material for marketing in Chinese (for instance writing texts in Chinese or making translations) considering Chinese cultural traditions

-         enter into interdisciplinary projects with expertise in the areas Chinese language, culture, communication and business economy (e.g. cooperate with a company's product development, marketing, and customer service information department of technical products)

-         contribute to local adaptation of globally operating companies' business operations in China

-         master the organization’s communication in the foreign language (English or Chinese) and advise colleagues in terms of intercultural communication

-         prepare and carry out international contacts and function as linguistic and cultural advisor and facilitator

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