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Why you should choose the M.Sc. programme in Environmental and Resource Management (ERM) at University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg

  • ERM is focused on issues that affect everyone: individuals, families, companies, the society in general and the solutions for the environmental challenge of tomorrow in particular.
  • The program combines theory and practice, giving you both a solid theoretical basis and a set of practical tools that are useful in working with the subjects in your future carrier
  • You will develop leadership skills from practical experience with project management. This is one of the most requested expertises in both the private and public sectors.
  • The size of Campus Esbjerg makes it easy for you to create a network with new and elder students as well as professors. You will benefit from this network in the future on a social as well as professional level.
  • You will automatically broaden your horizon, due to the fact that you will meet and study with students from other cultures and academic areas.
  • Campus Esbjerg is located close to the city centre with numerous cafés, exciting cultural, leisure and sports offerings. Housing in Esbjerg is affordable and on a high quality level.

“I really like the programme with its manifold courses and it is a great advantage that the each student can focus on whatever he/she is interested in at the 3rd semester. It is also great that suggestions from the students are tried to be directly implemented in the course”. Claas Wagner, 27 years old, Germany.

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